Purchased in 1976 by Ben "Buddy" Mollema


Buddy’s Place began with a simple goal in mind: to have a place where people can come and relax. Whether it be lunch with friends, drinks after work or a night out on the town, this neighborhood grill has embraced the idea of bringing friends together.


The business changed hands in 1982 when Mike Kid Dealto and Al Tuna Evans took over, and a new era began. Catering to the young, and the young at heart, we here at Buddy’s have always believed that good food and good people equal good times.


Since its inception Buddy’s has grown with this neighborhood and throughout the years many faces have passed through these doors, both customer and employee alike, many of which have moved on to help promote our community with businesses of their own.


Thus, the Buddy’s family continues to grow.


Today Buddy's is owned by the DeAlto's, Greg Nevi & Shelby Luiggi. Although some of the faces may have changed the idea remains the same. By sticking to one simple recipe, Buddy’s has been a place where friends have met and friendships have been made for over thirty two years. As of January 2015 we relocated to the corner of Sheppard Street and Patterson Ave (the devil’s triangle) in the upper Fan - Museum District.


We look forward to another 32 years!

Voted Best of Richmond! Best Fan Bar!



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